Mailbox and accessories clearance at Home Depot various prices YMMV B&M

By , January 28, 2017

<br /> <div> <img src=””> </div> <p>Rating: 0 Posted By: tightpapa <br>Views: 164 Replies: 0 </p> <div class=’content’> <div class=”message-paragraph”>Was just in my local HD (Shawnee Ks) and they had a bunch of “snail mail” boxes and accessories marked down on a table in the front isle.
Example reg.
$49.xx marked to $13.xx.
They had brackets and posts and all sorts of boxes.
I was tempted to buy one because someone shot my plastic one with something that put a small hole in both sides(I figured the bigger hole was the exit hole, the small one was about the size of a 22) but I figured I would fix it with the Fatwallet way….
Some reflective tape I have will cover the holes and since I live on a curve that should help the drivers at night.<br />Sorry I didn’t think about FWers until I got home or I would have taken some pics.
I have had the creep and crud the last 6 days and not been out of the house so I am not completely with it yet.
So bring on the Reds for no proof.
But if you are in need of a mailbox and close to HD check it out.
If I get out and am close to HD tomorrow I will post some pics.
I tried to find them on HD web site but what I brought up didn’t seem to Match what I saw price wise.<br />I</div></div><img src=”” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=””/>

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